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On-site consultation is ideal for clients who may not need a full architectural service but would like a one-on-one meeting with an architect to discuss the options for developing their site or building further. On-site consultation is a fast and easy way to bring the services of an architect to your home to start your project off on the right track with accurate, well-informed, professional advice. Factors such as planning permission, health and safety and building regulations are essential while site-specific factors such as orientation, views and availability of on-site services will all influence the design of the project. The consultation typically consists of a 1 to 2-hour meeting at your home or on-site. The advice can then be given regarding statutory requirements, the most appropriate services to avail of and what is the next step to take to get the project to the next level.

Other names this service might be called

  • House Consultation
  • Architects Consultation
  • Design Consultation
  • Concept Meeting.

Why choose Sweeney Architects?

Sweeney Architects have extensive experience in the planning process and are knowledgeable in the requirements of each Local Authority. We are experienced in accessible design for people with disabilities, fire safety, energy efficiency and passive house standards as well as designing contemporary/traditional buildings. We are also a registered Grade 3 conservation practice. Having worked on many local and national protected structures/restoration projects, have a good knowledge of traditional crafts, techniques and materials.

Sweeney Architects are a registered RIAI practice, carrying appropriate insurance and backup staff.