Sweeney Architects

Barracks and its environs at Church Street, Longford.

Connolly Barracks is a 5 hectare site at the centre of Longford, vacated by the Army in 2009 it was purchased by Longford Local Authorities in 2011. The Market House, possibly the oldest building in the town is hidden by a wall and high gates. This high impact project is expected to be a reception/gateway building to the campus, a town hall, a town plaza. The building itself is a remarkable example of a brick groin vaulted single storey Market House with interesting detailing using pudding stone to external arches.

The principal aim is to encourage the development of the Connolly Barracks site by the development of part of it’s edge facing the town. The use of the building is expected to be flexible in the role as a quasi-town hall for use as receptions both for the town and the barracks area, tourism and functions by the Longford Westmeath Education Training Board. It is expected that this building will form an inviting edge to the future Connolly Campus, with a multipurpose role within the town area. It will become the inspiration for heritage in Longford given its' strategic and highly visible location, its welcoming position to the Connolly Barracks Campus and its overall importance within Longford's history.

The Market House predates the construction of the army barracks and functioned as a market building under the control of Lord Aungier. When the British army acquired the building, it was modified as stabling with accommodation above.