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What to do with wastewater

What to do with wastewater…We are going to discuss wastewater treatment and disposal systems in your home ... Read More

Gone West

Gone West….We will now look at more traditional wood based methods of construction; specifically Cordwood Construction and log cabins. ... Read More

Traditional buildings back in vogue

Traditional buildings back in vogue…We are going to look at more traditional building types, which due to the general awareness of the damage being done to the environment by other forms of construction, have come back in fashion in recent years. ... Read More

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location….We are now going to look at how to locate your chosen site, and how the direction or orientation and shape of your house affect energy efficiency ... Read More

Choosing the right expert

Choosing the right expert…How to choose the relevant experts to help you with your home, investment property or building issues can be very difficult. Unless you know somebody or get a word of mouth recommendation from a good friend who had something similar done to their home it can seem daunting. After all, your home is the single largest purchase most of us will make in our lifetimes, so it is only natural we want to get it right. ... Read More

Looking at new ways to heat your home

Looking at new ways to heat your home….As oil becomes scarce and supply dwindles, our heating and electricity bills are going to go up. Hence it is now the time to look at alternative technologies to heat and provide electricity to our homes. ... Read More

Your guide to BER Certificates

Your guide to BER Certificates….Everyone is talking about ‘BER Certs’, but what are they and why do you need them? Following on from previous articles on saving money on energy bills, it is only natural that we would discuss how to measure the energy efficiency of your home; which is essentially what a building Energy Rating Certificate (BER) does. ... Read More

Time to tackle home heating costs

Time to tackle home heating costs….. Are your home heating costs too high? Do you get a shiver every time you get a refill of oil, buy a bag of coal or look at your electricity bill? We are going to look at heating and energy costs in your home, some renewable solutions and BER certs. ... Read More

Planning permission; the do's and dont's

Planning permission: the dos and don’ts… For many people, seeking planning for a new house, an extension or otherwise can be a daunting thought. However in reality it is a much more straightforward process than people think. ... Read More

Extend Your Home This Spring

Following on from last week’s article on Attic conversions, where extra space is required, another option is to extend. Building an extension to the rear of the house under 40 sqm in floor space, not higher than the existing house, and not reducing the open space at the back to less than 25sqm is generally exempt from planning permission ... Read More