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Protection from Radon Gas

Protection from Radon Gas…We will continue on our discussion on building regulations that apply directly to domestic houses and your home. Under requirement C3 of the building regulation 1997 all reasonable precautions must be taken to avoid the dangers of radon gas entering houses. Radon is a radioactive gas which produces tiny radioactive particles. Radon can enter a building from the ground through small cracks in floors and through gaps around pipes or cables. Radon tends to be sucked from the ground into a building because the indoor air pressure is usually slightly less than outdoors. ... Read More

Get up to speed on regulations

Get up to speed on regulations…I will look at building regulations in more details that are specific to houses. I will now outline some of the items in Part M of the regulations which deal with access for people with disabilities. ... Read More

Rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations….We are going to cover some of the legal and safety issues that need to be addressed when thinking about building or extending your house or building. ... Read More

Promote your premises

Promote your premises…How can your premises and its design help promote your business? The design and appearance of shops has a huge impact on the appearance of individual buildings, streets, localities and in turn our everyday environment as a whole. ... Read More

A closer look at the Royal Canal

A closer look at the Royal Canal….The Royal Canal meanders through the southern half of County Longford-about a half mile east of Abbeyshrule, and enters the Shannon, via an earlier canal at Clondra; known as Richmond Harbour. ... Read More

Grand designs

Grand designs…. In Ireland we have all these grand houses which from the outside tend to give off a restrained, classical simplicity, but on the inside, the use of decorative style of plasterwork (stucco) harked back to the baroque in style using motifs of shells ... Read More

Iron Age Architecture

Iron Age architecture….Continuing the history of architecture in Ireland during the reign of James 1 1603-25 was the beginning of the use of classical style in England, influenced by the Italian Renaissance, generally referred to as the Jacobean Style. In Ireland, theses classical features can be seen at Bealieu House Co. Louth. It was built in 1660 and is one of the earliest remaining examples of an unfortified house in Ireland. It is roofed on all four sides (hipped) with a number of classical motifs. ... Read More

Prehistoric times recalled

Prehistoric times recalled….We are going to look at architecture through the ages, starting with prehistoric 8000BC-500AD, Ireland’s first settlers arrived around 8000BC ... Read More

The history of Irish architecture

The history of Irish architecture Over the next few weeks we are going to look at the history of architecture and in particular Irish vernacular architecture ... Read More

Clever use of artificial light

Clever use of artificial light…. Artificial light comes from a variety of sources such as candles, tungsten filaments and gas discharge lamps etc., and has a different mix of frequency components which produce a different colour light. ... Read More