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Why not consider an extension?

Why not consider an extension?..Where extra s space is required in your house, one option is to extend. Building an extension to the rear of the house under 40sqm in floor space, not higher than the existing house, and not reducing the open space at the back to less than 25sqm is generally exempt from planning permission. There are also height restrictions and boundary issues. If your house has been extended before, this will need to be taken into account within the 40sqm floor space restriction. ... Read More

Clearing the Condensation

We are going to discuss condensation as a result of a number of enquiries about window condensation, mildew on walls and ceilings and damp, musty smells. ... Read More

Time to look at alternative technologies

Time to look at alternative Technologies…As soil becomes scarce and supply dwindles, our heating and electricity bills are going to go up, so now it is the time to look at alternative technologies to heat and provide electricity to our homes. ... Read More

Making plans

Making plans…As discussed in the last two articles on deciding whether to extend or not and finding the right builder it is very important when making any changes to your home that you have a clear plan or vision of what you are trying to achieve. ... Read More

Green building design

Green building design Following from last week’s discussion on ventilation of buildings we are going to discuss energy and existing buildings.True green building is a design process that grows out of a connection with the natural landscape. ... Read More

How to conserve water

How to conserve water… A Water Services Act was introduced in Ireland in 2007 to provide for the conservation of water where leakage occurs due to unrepaired pipes or equipment, or where poor management results in wastage or excessive consumption of water. The regulations also apply to water restrictions in times of water shortages. A local authority can make an order to stop or restrict the use of water supplies for various uses, including watering gardens, washing of cars and trailers and irrigation or spraying of crops. The average daily water consumption per person in Ireland is over 148 litres. ... Read More

Underfloor heating

There are three types of under-floor heating: • Hydronic or wet(heated water is circulated through piping embedded in the floor • Air or dry ( heated air is circulated through under-floor ducting), and, • Electric (heating elements are laid under, or in, the floor). ... Read More

Residents eye council seats in bid to solve problems with estates

Homeowners living in some of County Longford’s worst affected ghost estates are eyeing up the possibility of running at the next local elections in 2014 because of an alleged lack of political representation, the Leader can reveal. ... Read More

Greenwashing your home!

Greenwashing your home!... We are going to discuss energy and existing buildings. True green building is a design process that grows out of a connection with the natural landscape. It is a set of informed decisions that considers the site and materials to reduce the cost, maintenance, and energy usage of the home. Conservation is central to the green building approach. Green homes are healthier, safer, more comfortable, and cost less to operate. They connect people to the land and community around them. ... Read More

Ventilation in your homes

Ventilation in your homes….All dwellings need a supply of fresh air, not just for the health and comfort of the occupants, but also to control condensation, remove pollutions, and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of some combustion appliances. The amount of fresh air should match the needs of the dwelling and the people living within it. ... Read More